Tom Brock scholarship 2024-25


A scholarship will be offered during the financial year, 1 July 2024 to 30 June 2025, to the value of $3000. The objective will be to encourage new research on rugby league and its relationship to other sports. Preference will be given to a postgraduate student or a beginning researcher who has not yet established a track record in sports history research.

Scholarship application

The closing date for a scholarship application is Friday 28 June 2024. Applicants should make use of a scholarship application form on the Tom Brock website. 


A Scholar will be expected to publish an article in Sporting Traditions on the completed research project. A Scholar should also make a presentation either at an ASSH conference or at a local ASSH Chapter. In this or any other publication, using scholarship research material, the author should acknowledge the support on the TBBC for this research.

Operation of the award

Applicants will be notified of outcome of the scholarship by mid-July 2024 and the details of the successful application will be posted on the Tom Brock website. The successful applicant will be paid $1000 at the time of this announcement. The 2024-25 Scholar will be required to submit a final report on the outcomes by 1 July 2025. The final payment of $2000 will be given to the Scholar after the Scholarship Committee has approved this report.


Applications are now open. Please complete the online form to apply.