Tom Brock Scholars


2023 Lonnie Gilroy

Writing the Rugby League film: Defining ‘The Greatest Game of All’ through genre

2019 Joe Gorman

A Sense of Belonging: How Rugby League Explains Queensland

2017-18 Spencer Kassimir

NRL: Americanization on Australian Terms

2016 Hunter Fujak

A quantitative analysis of the Sydney sport market: the North Sydney Bears as a case study

2015 Sasha Lennon

The Role of Club and Community in Queensland Rugby League

2014 TRACEY HOLMES, Sydney

Rugby League ‘Scandalised’: Understanding the issue of drugs in the code’

2013 David Lakisa, Sydney

‘The history of the Pasifika Diaspora in Australian rugby league ’

2012 Dr Lindsay Barrett, Sydney

‘The Importance of Sport in Everyday Life: Frank Burge and 1921 Kangaroos’

2011 Dr Ian Warren

‘The Financial Storm, Surveillance, Audit and Corporate Governance in the National Rugby League’

2010 Mark Falcous, University of Otago, New Zealand

‘Policies and people in the marginalization of rugby league in Aotearoa New Zealand 1908–95’

2009 Katherine Haines, Sydney

‘Overview of women’s rugby league in New South Wales and Queensland, 1907–93: an examination of the extent and context of women as players’

2008 Erik Nielsen, University of New South Wales

‘George Smith, the Northern Union and the consolidation of amateur traditions’

2007 Chris Valiotis, University of Newcastle

‘The impact of Pacific Islander players on rugby league in Sydney’s western suburbs’

2006 James Connor, Australian National University

‘The Rabbitoh’s fight for re-instatement: fans, celebrities and lawyers’

2004-05 Bill Greenwood, Massey University, New Zealand

‘Class, conflict and the clash of codes: The introduction of rugby league football to New Zealand, 1908–21’

2002 Rollo Manning, Darwin

‘The “two rugby’s” and the marketing of rugby league to its “publics”

2001 Greg Mallory, Brisbane

‘Oral history interview relating to Brisbane rugby league’’

2000 Charles Little, University of New South Wales

‘Sport, community and identity in South Sydney: the context of rugby league’