The 20th Annual Tom Brock Lecture – A Rugby League Retrospective

An event to mark the 20th anniversary of the Tom Brock Lecture

Held on Wednesday 19 September 2018 at Club York, 99 York Street, Sydney

The Annual Tom Brock Lecture began in 1999. This year is an occasion to reflect on how rugby league has changed in the past two decades and how these have been reflected in the annual lectures. A Q & A panel featuring some prominent commentators in rugby league, drawn from different backgrounds, will provide a lively and informative way of looking at a number of issues. These include commercialisation, rationalisation of clubs, governance, international football, greater prominence of women and threats to the rugby league brand. An exploration of the past will provide opportunities to consider both the present and the future.

Members of the panel:

  • Terry Williams – moderator
  • Brian Canavan
  • Tracey Holmes
  • Roy Masters

Listen to the podcast…

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