Tom Brock Scholarship 2019

Tom Brock Scholarship 2019 – Call for Applications

Scholarship: Applications are invited for 2019 Tom Brock Scholarship, which is worth $5000, on or before the closing date of Friday 30th November 2018.

Eligibility: Postgraduate students, early career academics or independent researchers with a record of undertaking independent and scholarly work.

Project: A topic should relate to rugby league in Australia or in other countries and the relationship of rugby league to other sports. The methodology employed could be derived from history, the humanities including visual arts and the social sciences.

Selection criteria: Preference will be given to well-designed scholarly projects that can be completed in one year and will lead to specific outcomes.

Application form: The applicant will complete and submit the applicant form along with supporting documentation.

Operation of the Scholarship

Mentoring: The Scholar will liaise with the mentor, who will assist in the project, on a regular basis. The appointment of a mentor, who might be a postgraduate supervisor, will be a matter of negotiation between the TBBC and the successful applicant, at the outset of the project.

Reports: The Scholar will submit a mid-year report, which will outline progress in July, and a final report will be submitted in January of the following year. A focus of the latter will be the outcomes of the scholarship in terms of publications, conference presentations, and websites.


15 March 2019 Payment of $1500
15 September 2019 Payment of $1500
15 February 2020 Payment of $2000

Successful scholars will be supplied with a more detailed document on the operation of the scholarship, including report writing, at the outset of the project.


Applications should be submitted electronically below. Any question questions about the Scholarship can be directed to Richard Cashman, Executive Officer of the Tom Brock Bequest Committee at


Tom Brock Scholarship Application 2019

  • Project Title
  • Your application will be assessed in terms of the validity of the proposed methodology, its consistency and appropriateness for the project in terms of the anticipated outcomes and time frame. Ethical considerations should be addressed as well including the likelihood that it will receive approval from an appropriate Human Research Ethics Committee.
  • Please nominate mentor(s) who can supervise your work and your reports to the Tom Brock Bequest Committee.
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