Vale Imke Fischer

Imke Fisher Tom Brock CommitteeImke Fischer was the inaugural treasurer of the Tom Brock Bequest Committee when it was set up by 1999 and served in this capacity until 2017.

Vale Imke Fischer

Imke was born in Germany, the daughter of Rolf Fischer, a medical doctor and a pilot, and his wife Ruth. Little is known of her early years in Germany, other than the fact that she was a gymnast. Imke emigrated to Australia in 1968 beginning life here as a cook. Her daughter Anja Turner recalled that she was ‘quite driven’ to develop educational qualifications spending much time studying for the HSC and then pursuing teacher training. She was then appointed a physical education teacher at Boronia High School in Melbourne. Imke then equipped herself for a career in tertiary teaching by undertaking academic study at Victoria University and Gippsland Institute. Continue reading

The Roar

John Fahey Honours League and the Tom Brock Legacy – Spiro Zavos

Rugby league has been described as “the Labor Party at play.”

But on Thursday night, at the NSW Leagues Club in Phillips Street in the CBD of Sydney, the headquarters of the code, the unquenchable spirit of the game was honoured by a former NSW Premier and leader of the NSW Liberal Party, John Fahey. Continue reading